Recognizing Ben Richardson

Ben Richardson montage

Michael L. King told me a story about the premiere of Starship Valiant: Legacy at Soonercon #23, that I remember vividly. He recalled sitting down to watch the film for the first time and with every bit of dialogue that came out of each character’s mouth, he could see Ben Richardson standing behind each character coaching them on how to deliver those lines. As good as each and every one of the actors were, Ben was there to give input and deliver passionate suggestions on how to play each scene.

After the film, when Michael addressed the audience, he proclaimed that Ben was the “HEART,” of Starship Valiant, and it is a title that we feel he so deserves. He brought the actors to a level that they never thought they could reach and he gave them his support and experience. He was essential to the production and not only did he act as our acting coach but he was also our editor, a task for which he proved excellently skilled.

Ben has been a blessing to the production and Valiant is all the more richer for his input and we all look forward to working with him on episode #2.

— Jeffrey Kimbro

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Recognizing Brady Foster

Brady Foster montage

We all feel that “Legacy” turned out great, but it was definitely a collective collaboration, and one of those men responsible for bringing the vision of Michael L. King to life was director and photographer Brady Foster who joined the team early on, offering his expertise to the project.

“I could not have asked for a more talented, passionate, compassionate, visionary human being than Brady. He’s the type of guy that if you spend just one hour with him-he restores your faith in humanity.” – Michael L. King

Brady not only filmed and directed Legacy but he also worked very closely with Michael to hammer out the story of Legacy as well as participate in nearly every aspect of the production. We are proud to have him on the team for episode #2. William Shatner once said, speaking of Jerry Goldsmith on scoring The Final Frontier: “You just don’t let THAT kind of talent get away.” For Starship Valiant, Brady is THAT talent.

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Starship Valiant Newsletter #1

UPDATE: 08.06.14

Meeting tonight between both Executive Producer, Michael L. King and Editor/Acting coach Ben Richardson. They discussed how they wanted to proceed with the next episode of Valiant and what they envisioned for the characters that were introduced in Legacy.

In the end they both agreed that above all else they wanted a quality product with characters that continued to develop and grow. It was a very productive meeting.

Starship Valiant “Legacy” — Episode 1

Starship Valiant: Legacy is an introduction of the character of Commander Jackson K. Bishop to the audience wherein they will see where this character came from and what drives him. The goal of the first segment is to add flesh and blood to this fictional man whereby the audience can identify with him and his situation.

This video, and all Starship Valiant videos can be found on the video page.


Excerpt: Starship Valiant Newsletter 1/25/2014

Excerpt: Starship Valiant Newsletter – *UPDATE!* – STARSHIP VALIANT: DESPERATION – 01.25.14 EPISODE #2

Although the final sequence for filming on the vignette: Starship Valiant: Legacy is being planned and projected for an early February completion date, the 1st official episode entitled “Desperation,” is nearing the 2nd draft completion and then it’ll be given to director Brady Foster for final approval and he will personally revise and write the screenplay. This story, as the first will be penned by Michael L. King and revised by Brady Foster. We are hoping to have the filming script sometime in February and schedule readings as well. This story will continue the character growth and development that started with Legacy and introduce the full bridge crew of the ship and we’ll see the USS Valiant in deep space in a more sci-fi oriented story with lots of tension and drama, as well as some starship action.

“I’ve had this story in my head for over 5 months and it’s an idea that I originally shared with Scott Johnson and Richard Wells of Starbase Studios, when I originally pitched the idea of Valiant. They were very intrigued with the direction of the story and thought that it had a flair that differentiated it from other fan films.” – Michael L. King

The casting for Desperation has been completed and we are hoping to start production on it in March. As always costuming and funding are the major issues but we will continue to strive for excellence. As always, thank you all for your continued support.