Michael L. King


Michael portrays Jackson Kelham Bishop.

In addition to portraying the lead role, Michael is Executive Producer, Screenwriter, Casting Director, and a Production Designer.

Michael L. King, became a fan of the original Star Trek way back when he was 7 years old, watching reruns of the classic series. He immediately took to the series, astounded by the sci-fi setting, action and adventure and the moral compass guiding the characters. Captain Kirk became his hero and to this day he remains his all-time favorite character in the trek universe. Inspired by trek fan films, Starship Exeter & James Cawley’s immensely successful Phase II series, King always dreamed of creating his own fan film series.

The brainchild of Michael L. King, Starship Valiant went through several phases until finally the story morphed into the shooting script. Though generally, the ideas that were conceived stayed the same, many story elements were changed and rewritten. The introductory episode “Legacy,” almost did not see conception as it was a last minute decision by Michael L. King just before the opening episode, “Desperation,” began production. It was at this time that King decided against going into a full story with characters that were not 3-dimensional. So, he decided to write an introductory story focusing on the star of the web-series, Commander Jackson K. Bishop. It was his desire to explore the character in a way that many fan films had not done with their lead characters and not only develop him but make him someone the audience could relate to while exploring the human condition.

“If I were to say anything about Bishop, it would be that he is a very flawed human being but at the same time, he is a man with the potential to be better than he is. He can learn and he can grow. Human beings aren’t limited to one behavior. We aren’t wind-up toys or pre-programmed computers. We can strive to be much more than we are. Ultimately we can better ourselves. Bishop is a very brave man. He is strong-willed, stubborn and a magnificent officer. He would sacrifice his life to save the innocent. I could have written a “perfect” character but in light of the human race that would not have been a true representative of the humanity.” – Michael L. King.

King feels that his utmost duty is to keep the characters that he created as real and human as possible and he firmly believes that the success of the web series will be in the strength of the characters.