Abigail W. Bishop

Abagail Bishop
Played by Doneco Wellington Guy.

Work continues on the second episode of Starship Valiant and we are almost at the end of the writing stage with the first draft nearing completion and a meeting scheduled between the BIG 3; Michael L. King, Brady Foster and Ben Richardson in a couple of weeks. At that meeting, King will turn over the story draft to Brady and Ben for their input and once they all agree, production will officially begin. One of the high-points of Legacy was the relationship between Bishop and his daughter. The captain’s daughter, Doneco Wellington Guy will return as the embittered daughter of Captain Jackson K. Bishop. Doneco will be reprising her role as Abagail Bishop, a character that struck a cord with many who watched Legacy.

“It’s amazing just how many people responded to the dynamic of Bishop and his daughter and their…not so perfect relationship. Many could relate to that and that’s the kind of response that we were going for when those scenes was written. We wanted to ground the film in realism. It was always our intention to return to that relationship so we’ll be seeing a little bit more of Abagail Bishop and the complicated relationship between her and her father. “I think when you have a situation where a daughter has that much resentment for her father, it definitely opens up a lot of hurt and pain between the two of them.” – Michael L. King.

Some have expressed “concerns,” that Abagail’s situation was left open and unresolved. This comment: from Alex Palmer: “Very good episode. I hope the father and daughter reconcile down the line. Estranged relationships like that can cut deep.” Rest assured, we have plans to continue to grow that relationship. Valiant will take place in the final frontier but above all else the characters will be the focus.