Alyssa Freedmon

Captain Alyssa Freedmon
Played by Krystal Willis.

Captain of the USS Valor (NCC-1421), one of two ships of her class.

Captain Alyssa Freedmon, (played by Krystal Willis) is one of two daughters of Federation scientists Joshua and Janeca Majors. She attended Starfleet Academy, excelling at her studies and gratuated at the top of her class. Through the suggestions of senior Admiral Shelly Parker, she entered into the field of command and five years later, after serving under Captain William Wilson of the USS Pegasus, whom she considered her personal mentor, she was given command of the Miranda-class USS Valkyrie. In his personal log, upon retirement, Captain Wilson stated, “Commander Freedmon has served her ship with bravery, dignity and honor. She has been my ever faithful crutch and she has put her life on the line on too many occasions but where she has demonstrated exemplary skill is in her judgment and temperament. The safety of the ship has always been her paramount concern and she has upheld the values of this Federation. I cannot recommend any other officer to the rank of captain more than I recommend her this day.”

Alyssa’s parents never quite agreed with her or for that matter, her sister’s decision to become “soldiers,” in Starfleet and that was putting it mildly. Though they loved their daughters immeasurably, given the history of the service with its plethora of death and dangers, this often times prevented the family from sharing moments of affection. To put it simply, her parents worried about her safety and that concerned blinded them to the desires of their daughter. They also possessed a hatred for the service and what they believed Starfleet stood for. In their eyes, the service was simply a military dictatorship that they felt subjected the people of the earth to a life of servitude. In the end, they felt that one day Starfleet would be the ruin of not only earth but wherever it would come to be. Alyssa felt the exact opposite and even trained under the highly skilled Starfleet Macos, learning advanced tactics in heavy weapons and physical combat. She took part in many planetary landings dealing in covert missions. She came to enjoy the thrill and excitement but nothing gave her more joy than commanding a starship, for which she brought all her skill and training into play. She could be stubbornly fierce in battle and a formidable enemy in every regard and these qualities merited respect from her peers.

Taking command of the USS Valkyrie, Alyssa commanded the ship on many successful missions furthering the ideals and values of the United Federation of Planets. Her journeys allowed her to cross paths with several men and women considered today to be early pioneers in Starfleet. She formed a close association with Admiral Shelly Parker and the two become friends. Admiral Parker often requested the service of Alyssa whenever she was needed off world and given her expert military training, she was one of the few to be called upon for highly covert missions. Alyssa took her service very seriously and it was that dedication that created an aura of respect and admiration from the crew that served under her.

Undoubtedly, she achieved her most success when she was given command of the USS Valor, a Bailey-class Starship. Considered an under-powered, fledgling starship, which many considered to be at the end of its lifetime, Alyssa took charge of the ship and gave it a new life altogether. Throughout her captaincy, the USS Valor rose to the challenge and became a mighty vessel revered by Starfleet and feared by her enemies. It was this ship that charted unknown regions of space and made first contact with five new alien allies. Yet the Valor, as well as her captain would meet their greatest challenge at the hands of a ruthless enemy intent on destroying the very fabric of the Federation. Those events will be witnessed in the upcoming second episode of Starship Valiant.