Kathleen Jennings

Ensign Kathleen Jennings
Played by Jana Foster.

Ensign Kathleen Jennings, (Jana Foster) attended Starfleet Academy where she excelled in the field of engineering. Upon graduation she was immediately assigned to the USS Valiant. On the bridge, she manned the engineering station as well as working closely with Chief Engineer Minard but when the ship was attacked by Suculon warships, the death of the navigation officer precipitated that she assume control of that station. Once there she was vital in the Valiant’s successful retaliatory strikes against those ships leading to their complete destruction. Although only an ensign and placed in a highly stressful situation as the ship went to battle, she performed above and beyond the boundaries of duty, remaining cool and calm as well as exceptionally adept at her skills at the helm.

Upon her return to earth, she was given a special citation for valor and awarded a medal for her courage under fire. Commander Bishop spoke at her ceremony saying; “Ensign Jennings is the model by which all first year cadets should strive to be. An intelligent crew person who served her ship and crew with 100% efficiency. I am proud to have her aboard.”

Kathleen continued to serve on the Valiant after her refit and also entered training in alien languages. She also learned advanced communications and continues to serve her ship well.