Leeza S. Kennedy

Leeza S. Kennedy
Played by Kelley Wyskiel.

Leeza S. Kennedy, (Played by the lovely Kelley Wyskiel) was born August 12th, 2223 to Benjamin and Alice Kennedy. Her parents were both Starfleet officers and served for many years on the same starship, the USS Hood. As a matter of fact, her father captained the ship and participated in the unsuccessful M-5 computer war-games where the ship was nearly destroyed during those games by the USS Enterprise, under complete control of the renegade computer system designed by renowned Federation scientist Dr. Richard Daystrom; the father of the duotronics computer system; The current computer core used on all Federation starships. Captain Kennedy helmed the ship for 2 years before taking a promotion to Commodore after the ship returned to the San Francisco shipyards for repairs as a result of the M-5 war-games. Mrs. Kennedy returned to teaching at Starfleet Academy.

Leeza grew up with one younger sister, Sheila Kennedy stood in the shadow of her older sister and this made them both very competitive. The two constantly fell into stiff competition. This competition unfortunately only allows them both to spend short amount of times with each other when they visit one another. What neither fail to admit is that they are so much alike that it’s their similarities that is at the root of their competitive natures.
Once in Starfleet Academy, Leeza’s teachers were very impressed with her assimilation of various subjects. She excelled in all her classes and was often times allowed to stand at the head of her classes and teach as well. She had a unique understanding of science and engineering and her skill in the latter gained her a special sanction where she was honored by serving onboard the USS Enterprise under Chief Engineer Montgomery Scott for one month. During that time even the wise engineer was impressed with her knowledge of the inner workings of the Constitution-class starships and he grew quite fond of her. Scotty often remarked that Leeza was like having his very own daughter. The two got along wonderfully and if he had ever had his own child, Scotty would want her to be like Leeza Kennedy.

Upon graduation, Leeza began her career with Starfleet Command serving aboard the USS Valiant in the field of science, engineering and security, eventually taking up command as well. When she transferred to the Valiant, she came aboard as an ensign but quickly rose up to lieutenant. Early on she strove to become adept in as many fields as possible with engineering becoming her last major. As it stands, she is one of the most adeptly skilled officers on board the Valiant and one of the most valuable. Under the direct supervision of Commander Bishop, who served as her mentor, the two struck up a mutual cord given that both had a background in science, working well together and finally forming a strong friendship based upon mutual respect and understanding. Given her knowledge of so many departments on board the ship, Leeza often devised routines and schedules to improve efficiency and her knowledge of the inner workings of a starship gave her a unique vision and understanding of Federation technology. Her efficiency in science would eventually serve the ship extremely well as the Valiant often encountered the unknown. Upon promotion, Captain Bishop regarded her as one of his most valuable officer.

She is strong-willed, never allowing personal problems to affect her job. She is out-spoken and will challenge even her captain if she sees reason enough. This brings her into conflict often with Bishop but usually the two make amends in mutual agreement. They have been friends for many years and at times she is the only person on the ship that Bishop will open up to when he does, which is rare. She takes her job very serious and often oversees many departments onboard the ship and many crewmen report directly to her with status reports. She is the classic workaholic and thrives on it. Leeza loves the Valiant and even though the ship was nearly destroyed and put to space dock, her overriding goal was to get her ready as fast as possible so that Valiant could once again leave the galaxy. Although not assigned to oversee the refit of the ship, she chose to personally take the responsibility into her own hands, bringing her into conflict with not only chief engineer Minard but Bishop as well. Valiant is a ship that she considers her home and she has taken ownership of the starship. In that instance she shares a sense of peace and tranquility just as Bishop does when he is onboard. The ship brings them both peace of mind.

She is considered a huge commodity to the captain and crew and few possess her knowledge in so many fields. She pushes herself hard but enjoys every minute of it. She is a dedicated officer, always positive and adept at her job. Any Starfleet ship or installation would be blessed to have her onboard.

An ideal officer, Leeza Kennedy is quite capable of not only being proficient in science and engineering but she also makes a formidable commanding officer when in charge of the Valiant. Her love for the ship is quite obvious and she will do whatever it takes within her power to safeguard her