Craig Frey, Jr.


Craig is Starship valiant’s Effects Supervisor

In addition being the Effects Supervisor, Craig is a Model Maker, and a Graphic Artist.

Craig Frey, Jr. has been a Star Trek fan literally his entire life. When he was a baby, his mother fed him his evening bottle while watching the show during its original run on NBC. Later, when it entered syndication in the early 1970s, the show sparked his young imagination. Countless drawings of the USS Enterprise, building the AMT models, and playing Star Trek with his friends filled his younger days.

His love for Star Trek developed into a passion for filmmaking and stage production. Throughout his high school and college years, Craig worked on many student films with his friends. He also helped design and build sets for the annual high school senior play and was the photographer for a number of college stage productions.

Thanks to the kindness of a friend who is a graphic designer, in 2004 Craig was introduced to the world of computer generated imaging (CGI). He took to it quickly, rendering many still images and animations, which he posted on YouTube. These led to a few “professional” assignments, such as creating company logo animations for WEDA Water and Klear Blue Technologies, and Box Logic Studios. Craig was also asked by filmmaker Philip J. Cook of Eagle Productions to build the space dock model featured in the special Space: 1999 episode of Cook’s highly acclaimed web series, MALICE.

In 2011, Craig was honored to have his CG image, “Reflections After Probert”, chosen by editor Doug Drexler for the cover of the 2012 Star Trek Ships of the Line calendar, which was recently reprinted in the latest edition of the Ships of the Line hardcover book.

Starship Valiant is Craig’s first venture into the world of Star Trek fan films, rendering the FX of scenes set in space, and he couldn’t be happier. “This is a wonderful, talented, and passionate team of people and I’m thrilled to be a part of it,” he says. “They’ve given me the creative freedom to push visual boundaries while still remaining true to the heart and soul of Star Trek. That’s so important. It’s just one of many reasons why I believe Starship Valiant stands out among the Trek-themed fan series, and I’m grateful series creator Michael L. King asked me to contribute!”