Recognizing Ben Richardson

Ben Richardson montage

Michael L. King told me a story about the premiere of Starship Valiant: Legacy at Soonercon #23, that I remember vividly. He recalled sitting down to watch the film for the first time and with every bit of dialogue that came out of each character’s mouth, he could see Ben Richardson standing behind each character coaching them on how to deliver those lines. As good as each and every one of the actors were, Ben was there to give input and deliver passionate suggestions on how to play each scene.

After the film, when Michael addressed the audience, he proclaimed that Ben was the “HEART,” of Starship Valiant, and it is a title that we feel he so deserves. He brought the actors to a level that they never thought they could reach and he gave them his support and experience. He was essential to the production and not only did he act as our acting coach but he was also our editor, a task for which he proved excellently skilled.

Ben has been a blessing to the production and Valiant is all the more richer for his input and we all look forward to working with him on episode #2.

— Jeffrey Kimbro

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