Starship Valiant Newsletter #2


Greetings all. Many folks have messaged us here on facebook wanting to know what’s going on with episode #2 of Starship Valiant. Well, I spoke to Michael L. King last night and he told me that he is still writing the first draft and that he hopes to have it completed by Sunday, (09.01.14). Once that is done-he will forward it to director Brady Foster. Then they will meet to go over the story.

I could not get Michael to reveal too much about it other than to say:

“The new episode will continue the focus on Bishop and Kennedy further developing those characters. We will also be meeting the full bridge crew of the ship and we will be tying up a couple threads started in Legacy. This will be a pretty dark episode as far as the subject matter is concerned and it will be socially relevant to today. The realism that we created in Valiant will now be moved out into deep space. Fans will also get to see the Valiant in battle and just what she can do.”

Well, that’s all that I could get out of Michael. Look for a video soon where he will be discussing his thoughts on Legacy and the next episode soon. Thanks all.

— Jeffrey Kimbro