Starship Valiant Newsletter #6

UPDATE: “Valiant – Episode #2” 10.20.14

Brief update to let everyone know that preproduction continues on the next episode of Starship Valiant. The final rewrite is being done on the script by Brady Foster and he and Michael will be working very closely on the story; the special effects and CGI design continue as most of you know by Craig Frey.

Make-up extraordinaire Nate Bright has agreed to help with the development of the aliens in the film and meetings have been planned this week and next with two costumers.

We will begin announcing casting choices soon but as far as I know appearing in the film will be:

Michael L. King
Kelley Wyskiel
Shirley Amauric
Doneco Wellington Guy
Krystal Willis
Chris Borthick
Evan Wardwell
Vance Major

More to be announced.

— Jeffrey Kimbro